Raiders Game Editorial

It’s time for the Oakland Raiders to finally make their mark as one of the better teams in the NFL with a new coach and quarterback brought in midseason after the death of the longtime owner Al Davis the Raiders are prepared to make a statement this coming Sunday and win without any distractions. The Raiders are willing to make the most of it in a battle of the AFC west rival San Diego Chargers on New Year’s Day.

This will be the day the Raiders get back in the post season, yes let me repeat that…the day the Raiders are back in the post season.  Okay, they need a bit help even if the team does win Sunday. But come on now they are the only team with two shots of getting in the playoffs

The AFC Wild Card is still up for grabs and a win and losses by Cincinnati Bengals and Tennessee Titans will secure them that spot. Keep in mind the New York Jets can still get in the post season as well but all three teams must win. The AFC west crown is still attainable as well to the Raiders with a win the AFC and Denver loss. The Silver and Black look to enter the post season for the first time in nine years.

The Chargers game will be the second meeting of the season between the two teams. The first meeting was a 24-17 Raiders victory where Michael Bush recorded 242 yards from scrimmage (fourth highest in Raider history and highest since 1963). Denarius Moore contributed with 5 catches for 123 yards and two touchdowns. Carson Palmer threw for 14 of 20 passes for 299 yards and two touchdowns.

Okay that was then and this is now, returning to the offense the potent young stallion wide receivers Denarius Moore and Jacoby Ford.  

Look the Chargers simply have absolutely nothing to play for other than a little pride but believe me after suffering the pounding by the Lions last week the team will still be dreading the loss. Defensively this season San Diego has been a disaster. They’ve been torn in the run and Antoine Cason and Marcus Gilchrist have both struggled severely to cover number two receivers. Philip Rivers hasn’t been his normal self this season either and his stats have been on a roller coaster all year. This may be caused from the line upfront mostly due to several injuries and replacements throughout the season.

However, the Raiders need to find a way to stop the Chargers running game because that’s where Oakland has been exposed all season. Stopping the run for the Raiders I hate tell everyone it’s not one of their strengths and adding to highest amount of penalties doesn’t help one bit. They need to get rid of these habits. If the Chargers decide to run the ball the Raiders can get tied in a not so the silver and black better be prepared for what’s coming.

Quarterback Carson Palmer needs to stay focus and not turnover there is no room for any mistakes on the field.

Now for Oakland they can also clinch a wildcard spot. If Denver wins, the Raiders can clinch a wildcard spot with a win and losses by the Bengals and Titans. The other option would be a Cincinnati loss and a Jets victory, since Oakland holds the tiebreaker over New York by virtue of head to head matchup. So what’s going to happen in the AFC? I would be shocked Oakland did not win.

Watch out here come the Raiders and they are back. Raiders are back home playing in the Black Hole and it becomes difficult to truly believe that the Oakland will lose.  Say lights out to Chargers coach Norv Turner who lost his job unofficially last week, Do really think this team wants to save it?

Raiders will win it’s the most important game for them in the past ten years if anything win it for Davis.



Injury Report 

With the Raiders on root to the post season here is a glance at the team injury report for the big game on Sunday.

Darren McFadden still doubtful and even and when the Raiders make the playoffs he is still would be questionable to make it back by that game or not, but either way, this team could be as close to full strength as we have seen this year.

In Sunday’s game, it looks clear cut that Raiders will gain two huge pieces and place them back in the active roster wide receiver Jacoby Ford and Safety Michael Huff. In their short time playing together, Ford and Palmer displayed incredible chemistry. Outside of McFadden, Ford is this team's best playmaker and he adds a special excitement to the team. He is going to make everyone on the offense better around him and that is exactly what the Raiders can use this time of year.

On the other side of the ball on defense Huff’s return may be even more important, look at the late game defensive meltdown last two weeks. In knowing that, there is a very good chance things like that will be better contained with a player like Huff back on the field and healthy.

Also possibly returning to action is young running back Taiwan Jones, however he is still questionable come Sunday.  Another possible return is the long awaited young cover corner on defense DeMarcus Van Dyke.

Left to say is win, be out there wearing our silver black and chant let’s go Raiders, let’s go Raiders let go…in to the playoff we must win…