Raider’s season is certainly not over, and it’s not the time to put all the blame on the coach Hue Jackson.  The last few games the offense was missing important ingredients that specifically made the offensive side of the ball potent earlier in the season. While at the same time the defense unit is getting plague by injuries themselves.  


Last week what we saw in Green Bay looked pathetic for Oakland. Palmer was making decent throws with the exception of some costly interceptions, but the receivers neglated to do their part by catching passes and knowing where the ball is going land and holding on to it, ring a bell Darrius Heyward Bey.

At the same token the Raiders are still not fixing there penalties especially on the holding and pass interference call that are very costly. Okay, maybe you can blame some of on the referees hating on the Raiders but really sometimes players need to think where and when by becoming more aware of the situation around them. Coaches are there to coach but they are all professionals and know what the penalties are; now the Raiders need to find other means of being more aggressive on the field without pickup needless penalties that can determine the outcome of the game. 


These Deficiencies killed the Oakland, basically the Raiders actually beat themselves and fell to the Packers trap. Its time to believe the postseason is possible, the Raiders simple need to pick up their tempo and not be the Raiders we’ve seen the past two weeks. 


Losing to the unbeaten Packers is absolutely not a disgrace and is not the issue. It’s that the Raiders never came close to accomplishing their game plan — which was to simply run the ball down the Packers throats and keep Green Bay’s offense off the field, while at the same time counting on the defensive line to win the trench battle and place a huge amount of pressure on Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Without the Raiders offensive weapons on the field Darren McFadden, Jacoby Ford and Darnarius Moore the offensive unit is simple a joke. 


This as lots to do with now and after the Raiders having gone from 7-4 to 7-6 because the penalties and sloppiness are back, leading Raiders fans raising questions on the firing Jackson like his predecessors. By analyzing this issue a bit more Jackson continues to build the teams confidence and tell all it’s a growing process.


"Detroit's coming in here with something to play for, too," Jackson said. "We're still in the thing of this thing, we truly believe, in our division and also for the opportunity to play in the playoffs. It's still all out in front of us. It may not feel that way after the last two weeks, but the reality is that's what it is."


“When we won three in a row, guys were making plays and stuff,” Heyward-Bey said. “The running game was still working. The last two games have been hiccups. Miami got us and Green Bay got us. It’s as simple as that.” 


On another note Coach Jackson is somewhat confident the team can turn things around but it’s going to take some work. 


It’s time to flip things over and start winning again, to get back as contender and grab a playoff spot in the AFC west. The Raiders can and have the right personnel to start winning on Sunday when they face Detroit Lions at home after the two losses away. Raider Nation will be at the Coliseum in full support and the Raiders on Sunday come ready to play. 


In final three games, two of them will be home there is no room error if there to enter the playoffs for the first time since the 2002 season when they were AFC Champions.