Raiders opened up the game Sunday with a goal in mind, attack Superman quarterback Tom Brady and that's exactly what they did. However, it lead up two costly penalties from their veteran leader none other than Pro Bowler DE Richard Seymour. Not exactly what the Raiders defense intended. Brady knew it was coming he went on with his business in any form possible attacking the Raiders secondary by using all his weapons especially Welker and than the offense of the Patriots surprise us all with torching the Raiders with their own medicine using the running attack. 


Running back Darren McFadden looked like himself but just wasn't given one his better days in fact did run for 75 yards and have four receptions but it did look as if the Patriots running backs were leading the rushing attack in the NFL not the Raiders at times. But in reality it was mental errors that killed the hopes for the Raiders to overcome any hopes of beating the Patriots this season. 


Towards the end of the first half the game was beginning to look like a shoot out and the Raiders looked as if they can take the lead. There was about two minutes left on the clock till the end of the first half and were attacking the red zone area looking like they are about to score everything look perfect and the Raiders were about to take the lead. The team move the ball all the way to the six yard line and Campbell went back to pass with a hole up the middle but he was blinded in his mind or something must have flashed in his head or he just lost site he tried to throw the ball over the end zone instead of doing that he toss it up in the air and the first Patriots defender to grab. This basically led to the fall of the Raiders in the game Sunday, even though they bled with penalties.


When they returned from the locker-room in the second half Patriots drove the field once again scoring a touchdown.  The Raiders did get the ball again and began to drive sufficiently down the field as they entered near the red zone Campbell threw a nice pass to Danarius Moore, who at that moment when going for the ball was literally pushed by the defender. The first referee to the near the play called a pass interference and from the stands and on television you can clearly see the pass interference, than all of sudden the umpire from the other side of the field came over and had a conference with the referee and before you knew it they change the call and there was nothing anyone can do leading to the disaster and the Raiders punting the ball instead of scoring a touchdown. 


Yes, now from some us that did not get a chance to see the game may fully understand the jolt of energy the Raiders really lost on the field Sunday but that same true feeling opened up learning experience in each team members experienced alike both young and veterans including the coaching staff and Raider Nation. The team as a whole knows they have great chemistry and character on the field to perform this enough will overcome the loss and prepare them for great fortune which lies ahead in the young season. 


However, keep in mind when playing New England the NFL loves the Patriots and their head coach and their prototypical quarterback Tom Brady. For them everything just seems to be magical or just fall into their place okay the Bills gotta win but really. I guarantee if the Bills look like they will win later in the season this time around the referee will be more on the favor of the Patriots just like they treated them against the Raiders. 


Raiders, and their fans know Patriots play dirty and get away with things and I know Seymour knew this from the beginning. Raider Nation believe me the Raiders are a good team with a stable quarterback keep your feet on the ground the team is 2-2 and in second in the division and its very possible the Raiders can win the next six games. 


Sorry Texans, its not going to be easy the Raiders will be ready and more prepared for this game.