The Oakland Raiders have lost a fair share of talent from the 2011 NFL Free Agency frenzy.  Arguably the two most significant were shut-down corner Nnamdi Asomugha and emerging star tight end Zach Miller. 

Asomugha of course took his talents to Philadelphia and Miller reunited with new Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Tom Cable.

The Raiders didn’t just kick and scream about it, though. 

On Friday, Kevin Boss agreed to a four-year, $16 million contract.  The former New York Giants tight end is recognized as a high-caliber blocker, rather than a strong receiving threat in the aerial attack like Miller. 

Nonetheless, he does possess post-season experience and was with the Giants when they won the Super Bowl back in 2007.

In his four-year career, Boss has chalked up 119 receptions for 1,600 yards and 18 touchdowns. 

Boss, 27, is 6-6 and 253 pounds and played college at Western Oregon.  In the last three years, 25.5 percent of his catches were 20 yards or more.  14.6 percent of them were touchdowns.  Boss led the league in both categories among tight ends.  He reeled in 35 catches for 531 yards and five touchdowns in 2010. 

The former 5th-round selection was brought in for a workout last Wednesday before signing with his new team.  While it’s always about the money, all aspects indicate Boss wanted to play on the west coast, closer to home.  He also has a connection with the current defensive line coach in Oakland, Mike Wauffle, who coached the Giants’ D-Line for many seasons. 

“Obviously, Mike had a lot of glowing things to say about him and watching videotape of him, he has some characteristics that we’re looking for,” said head coach Hue Jackson. “He’s a big guy. He’s 6-6, 254 (pounds) and so we’ll work him out and see what he can do.”

Boss is a solid player that has taken his share of shots when going over the middle.  He always seems to grasp on to the football, yet has had his share of concussions in his short career. He’s a great addition in Oakland and if quarterback Jason Campbell finds him open, Boss will become a big target for the Raiders.

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