After losing a chance at a playoff spot and the AFC title this past Sunday with a loss to the San Diego Chargers 38-26.  Oakland Raiders head coach Hue Jackson began to focus most of the blame on his players in disgust. Finishing the season 8-8 is simply unsatisfactory according to Jackson. Its time to switch gears a bit and get down to the bottom of this, by beginning to look at his coaching staff.

Coach Hue Jackson indicated Monday that defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan’s job is in danger, calling the Raiders’ 2011 defensive performance “unacceptable.”

The Raiders’ defense fell from 11th in the league with John Marshall as the defensive coordinator  in 2010 to 29th ranked defense in the NFL under Bresnahan this season.

 ”That’s not good enough. That’s not acceptable to me, I don’t want it to be acceptable to our players. i don’t want it to be acceptable to our organization. I didn’t sign up for that. So I’m disappointed. I told them that, they understand that. And if people take that because I’ve normally taken it all and yesterday I decided to tell you what I really felt, then so be it. That’s fine.”  said Raiders coach Jackson

With the passing of the legendary owner Al Davis, Jackson has a great deal of control in Oakland and we may see lots of changes in the coaching staff to come. He now may have the ability to choose the entire coaching staff under him. Jackson also may have some say in the Raiders’ general manager search.

“I haven’t sat through it all, but obviously I’m going to meet with everybody here soon and we’re going to go from there,”said Jackson

Jackson indicated he plans to meet with owner Mark Davis soon and looks forward to be involved with the recently-started process of hiring a general manager.

Keep your eyes and ears open there be lots of things to come in Oakland.