Did Reggie McKenzie do the right thing in firing Hue Jackson?
Taking, two sides on this topic, one from a business prospective the other from a fan prospective. 

Trading for Palmer for two draft picks-let alone a first rounder and a second- is way too much, and it goes without saying way that desperation often forced Hue to do things others may not have. 

It seems that no general manager would have ever proposed that deal, paying such a high price for what was basically a retired quarterback.  Even if the Raiders had made the playoffs, Mark Davis certainly would have brought McKenzie in to take over managerial duties. But only winning the superbowl would have left his job absolutely safe.  8-8 is satisfactory but having four chances to be in the playoffs in the same season and failing on all four occasions is embarrassing for a once proud franchise.

A typical move when a new general manager or head coach comes in they clean house and bring in "their people". And despite some injuries that team had way too much talent to go 8-8. Additionally, they set a new record for penalties (a "stat" that points straight to coaching who should be holding them accountable).  Imagine what a difference cutting back the penalties 20-30% could have meant to their win total!


The Raiders simply want to win divisional championships and return to the playoffs, and the new general manager McKenzie quickly determined that he couldn't do it as long as coach Jackson was running the show and thinking he was still in command. So he decided it was best for the team to release him, and now the search is on for a successor -- with Green Bay, where McKenzie worked previolusly, the most logical place to start. Look Raider Nation we called out for Al's head for many years and a general manager now we got one let's all settle down and give a chance.


This look like not only the start of new era like McKenzie said in the press conference but a step in the right direction.