The Oakland Raiders had a huge set back Sunday as the team was overmatched by their divisional foes the Denver Broncos. The Broncos conquered them in every way on every side of the ball. For members of fans of Raider Nation the game was unbearable to watch.

The Raiders completed their first against the Pittsburgh Steelers, seemingly they look like they were on the right track and on good mindset after finishing up the great win. But that was a fast stop and the excitement nor passion carried on their short flight to Denver. As the majority of coaches and players were lost and fast asleep once they arrive to the Mile High City.

On the brighter side the team showed a little signs’ of life like in every game but their heart wasn’t beating enough nothing glowed as the offense was unable to score a touchdown.

The defense was truly snoozing and allowed Denver to punch right through them. The defense permitted Broncos future Hall of Famer quarterback Peyton Manning to look like he was back in his prime to pass for three touchdowns for 338 yards against the sluggish Raiders defense.

The score itself was clearly despicable and showed acts of dominance by the Broncos, in the game on that day they owed the team wearing Silver and Black as the final score was 37-6.

The Raiders fire ran dry as their spirit seemed to be killed early in this game the “Orange Crush” simply began to control the outcome of the game.

Palmer said "It was nothing more than an old-fashioned butt-whupping," he got that exactly right.

The season is long many things can happen in the next 12 games but with only one win entering the first quarter the Raiders have lots of improvements to put into place on both sides of the ball.

Now the Raiders have a week off to turn things around and tackle the Atlanta Falcons (The Dirty Birds) that are 4-0 this season. This what the Raiders will focus on and this what Raider Nation needs grasp and now its time to improve.

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