Oakland Raiders like all NFL teams are in the mist of the lockout disaster. The Raiders are finally doing something right. Of course the Raiders are doing things different than the rest of the NFL.

The league lockout has brought other teams to cut the number of the employees’ across the board or a tiered system to save cash during this time like the Miami Dolphins. Actually about one third of the NFL teams have had salary cut backs or furloughs recently.

The Raiders are taking a different approach to keep their staff intact. In fact the team is providing an incentive plan requiring team employees to sell new season tickets that total at least 10% of their salaries during the length of a lockout. A great idea to come in lieu of messy situation.

Having everyone pitch in and fix it is blessing to reduce cost because need of revenue now and in the future.

The lockout is definitely not the fault of any of the team employees –it’s an owner-imposed lockout—but the employees shouldn’t suffer.

 The Raiders employees include people from the bottom to top of the coaching staff like new defensive coordinator Chuck Breshahan. He’s hasn’t sold anyone as yet but is intrigued by the plan to help the team. Like Breshahan most employees are excited about the plan. 

If it keeps the employees spirits happy in all this chaos with the CBA negations in the back and forth battle between the NFL owners and players the Raiders on doing.