Oakland Raiders head coach Hue Jackson spoke to the media freely on Thursday about the upcoming draft, free agency and the state of the Raiders for upcoming season.

Questions were asked about the Raiders needs in the upcoming draft. Will you approach it differently unknowingly which one of your free agents will return? He says “he hope they will all return.” With Nnamdi Asomugha's departure if he leaves through free agency, will this open you to select a cornerback early in the draft? He said the Raiders are deep in that position and young, talented players at corner have to step up.

Jackson, noted that “there’s some things to fix but they're not a ton.” 

"I comfortable, we have a veteran quarterback, we have a veteran defensive football team. We have a young, but talented, offensive team."


The Raiders don’t have a first round draft pick, but this will not stop or hold back Oakland from selecting the players they want. According to Jackson, they are prepared for plan A, B and C while planning on sitting around and playing the waiting game at the draft. He also knows he will have a better strategy come draft time.


He and the Raiders staff have studied film and reviewed strategies despite the labor dispute and lockout. Jackson, has been unable to speak to his players or run any offseason workouts. 


He said, “I want to get to what I truly get paid to do, which is coaching football, as soon as I can."


He thanks owner Al Davis for making the right decisions in resigning the players on the defensive side of the ball and having a good team already in place.


Also in contrary to popular belief, Jackson said there is more than one voice when it comes to the Raiders draft process. It just so happens that Davis' voice is the one that matters most. 


"A lot of people think it's a one-man show," Jackson said. "He makes the pick, and he should. He's the owner of the team. But the bottom line is, he takes a lot of information from us all. And he does take that information in, and he makes a very calculated decision based on what we say and what we think."


This was a strong press conference from the new head man in Oakland. Despite all the recent criticisms, he expressed he feels confident the Raiders will not only improve on last year but be with a new and only one mind set of winning. This starts out with Davis to the executives, Jackson's coaching staff, the players, and the global fans of Raider Nation still standing strong.