The Raiders pounced on top their opponents the Seattle Seahawks. Oakland kept to their game plan and exciting things just fell into place for the team. Quarterback Jason Campbell looked on target and the running backs pounded the ball on key.


Quarterback Jason Campbell out-shinned the experience veteran Matt Hasselback. He made the young talented receiving core look very talented around him. Campbell is improving and things are coming together for the Raiders. Campbell numbers across board are now escalating from his pass efficiency, wins, points and entire field performance on the field.


The Raiders were like a bunch of kids inside a toy store, devouring over everything in sight. The Seahawks looked somewhat awake in the first half holding the Raiders to only 10 points. In the second half before you knew it the game was well out reach and Raiders scored 23 more points.


On offense the Raiders took a risk. They added a big run on going for it on forth and one situation. Where Fullback Marcel Reece simply ran between two defenders and ended up running for 30 yards for a touchdown. He is emerging as a secret weapon the Raiders. Becoming a force for game day he rushed for 90 yards total adding to the touchdown run. Darren McFadden the dominate back for the Raiders has his share and ran for 111 yard including a 49 yard in the third quarter.


Darrius Heyward Bey had a field day for the first time he actually looked like a talented first round draft choice the Raiders expected. He completed a 69 yard touchdown pass thrown by Campbell. Bey had a total of five catches for 105 yards. By far his most productive day in the NFL.


Defensively the Raiders massacred the Seahawks. They lit-up quarterback Hasselback with a four man rush the Raiders defense had a total of eight sacks. In the game the Raiders defense only allowed 47 yards on the ground. 21 yards came in the fourth when the game was well out of reach.


The Raiders defense controlled the tempo of the game and wore the Seattle offense down. In second half of the game the domination really took effect holding the Seahawks to three points. The game ended with a final score that wasn't even close 33-3.


Raiders maintain very competitive advantage in the NFL. Oakland is on the right on track in formulating winning team and bringing the team back to Prominence  . The Raiders are looking very productive on all sides of the ball.


For the first time since 2002 the Raiders are .500 in November. Coming this week they face the 5-2 Kansas City Chiefs the top team in the AFC West division. A win Sunday could put the Raiders above .500 for the first time since they faced the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Super Bowl. The Chiefs are the NFL's top running team with 190.4 yards a game, followed by the Raiders 168.5. If the defense plays like they have the last two weeks there is know reason the Raiders to lose. The Raiders need to continue to optimize their performance on field on all sides of the ball.

With a win Sunday the Raiders are on their way to three wins in against divisional opponents and three wins in row coming into their bye week.