Oakland Raider veterans; quarterback Jason Campbell and defensive lineman Richard Seymour aren't willing to sit around waiting for lawyers to figure things out. They're taking matters into their own hands and leading their team through intensive workouts beginning next week. These two veterans will be paying for the structured workouts in the spring, setting the Raiders' workouts apart from other teams in that they'll be hiring a full coaching staff to ensure the workouts are more structured and ultimately more helpful than the workouts of other teams we've seen.

The offseason in 2011 has been an absolute disaster with NFL owners locking out the players from their team facilities and also forbidding contact between players and coaches. 

The four day work is scheduled to take place in Competitive Edge Sports in Duluth, GA quarterback Campbell is set to lead the offensive drills and Seymour will lead the defense. 35 players have reportedly accepted the invitation and are expected to attend the workouts.

Seymour sent out email inviting his teammates to join them in the workout, and letting when and where. The first sentence reads :” Men I hope everyone is well and is staying in shape because we are going to out-work everyone we face this season, and it starts right now in the offseason. “

The intensity and excitement from true veterans to really push for the need to win this upcoming season show these Raiders are on the right track to pushing themselves right back in the playoff once the season begins regardless of all these labor issues and the current lockout. Regardless of the workouts themselves, this new attitude was really what the Raiders needed, and it's great to see two veterans-but newcomers to the team and city-be the leaders the Raiders have needed for so long.