The Oakland Raiders took a step forward once again in the right direction by signing defensive lineman Richard Seymour to a two-year deal for $30 million, $22 million in guaranteed money.



With the collective bargaining agreement being messy, the owners need to realize the importance of their players.


Signing Seymour allows the Raiders to provide tight end Zach Miller with the franchise tag. This secures the Raiders' two star players from going into free agency, making Davis an owner that may be bright and not senile after all.


The actual wording of Seymour's contract states that he'll receive $15 million in the next two seasons making him the highest paid defensive player—even more than Bears defender Julius Peppers. Seymour is guaranteed $7.5 million in 2012. This move shows that he truly want to be a Raider and the Raiders truly want him.


Seymour is a team leader on the field and great teammate in the locker room. This is the right decision for the Raiders and will lead to great things. The Raiders are in mist of becoming a playoff team once again. It’s an exciting time to be around the team and their fans. Raider Nation is built around excellence and perseverance. This is only the first step in bringing the Raiders back to the top.



Many owners have been hesitant to step up and make moves due to the uncertainty with the CBA, but not Davis; he saw something and acted upon it. In the end, without Davis and the Raiders, the league would truly not be the same.