Nnamdi Asomugha Pro-Bowl cornerback of the Raiders is preparing to play both sides of the ball. In camp he has been practicing on the left side. The Raiders plan on making him not only their number one corner, but taking advantage of his talent by enhancing his capability making him the top corner in the NFL.


The Raiders in the past have effectively moved Asomugha at times. However, most of the time he spent at corner was on the right side of the ball, despite his continuous effort in shadowing the opponent’s top wide receivers.


Asomugha, is excited about playing all over the field this coming season. He says people are listening to here and Raiders are doing more things than just changing their old philosophy of keeping the corners on one side of the field or the other. Placing him to accomplish more since he will be more involved in the plays. Receiving a comfort level to where he can attack on each side of the field to cover the best receivers in the NFL each week.


In the past years it’s been quiet easy for receivers to point out where Asomugha is on the field, looking to the far right of the ball he would appear. Preparing for the Raiders to change the strategy around, this season moving him around will make opponents unaware of his place on the field. He will line up opposite of the top NFL receivers creating a great deal of havoc for the Raiders opponents.


His teammate and fellow corner Chris Johnson is also excited about the move, he stated it provides him with more competition on his side of the ball. Asomugha 29 years of age, last season definitely was not the center of attention by any means, he only obtain one interception in the past three seasons. He like all defensive backs crave more action, moving his talents to enhance his chances of interception total can only improve his performance. In his words “If ten balls come to your way you want to pick all ten.”


Lack of interceptions this past few years made Darrell Revis of the New York Jets the primary top corner in the NFL. Look for that to change this season as the Raiders defense looks to change a few things.