Once upon a time the Oakland Raiders were considered a clear-cut playoff contender and the 9th-ranked team in theESPN.com Power Rankings.

A fired up franchise had just lost its owner Al Davis and started to “just win, baby” in honor of the supreme all-time Raider.

Elevated emotion could be seen with everyone on the team and the first-year head coach Hue Jackson appeared to be the most fervent and a confident genius.

But then injuries came into the equation and it was clear as day action had to be made after Jason Campbell sustained a potentially season-ending injury against Cleveland.

The Trade; Palmer Problems 

Carson Palmer was reunited with the Raiders head coach after receiving a text to hop on a plane to join his new team in the middle of the night.  The intrepid decision was sudden and certainly worthwhile for the Bengals, as they acquired a first-round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft and a conditional first-rounder for 2013.

This was for a guy who was long past his prime of elite status and considered retired since stubborn owner Mike Brown is a man that sticks to his word…unless he receives an offer he can’t refuse.

Palmer was recruited to USC by Jackson, who also worked as an assistant coach in Cincinnati from 2004-2006 as well.  The ex-Bengals signal-caller was thrown into the fire immediately, despite only having a few days to get in game shape and try to learn the offense because the always reliable Kyle Boller threw three interceptions in less than three quarters against the Kansas City Chiefs.  Palmer didn’t do much better when he entered the game in the third quarter, as he added three interceptions en route to a 28-0 shutout.

In six quarters, Palmer has thrown six interceptions.

More Madness

Finally Darrius Heyward-Bey had started to find his groove this season and everyone was fairly excited about the off-season addition in tight end Kevin Boss.  Both pass-catching weapons were benched last Sunday in the 24-38 loss to the Broncos.  Jackson stated that DHB’s offensive packages didn’t factor into the game plan after the disappointing defeat.

Then he sought out a washed up wideout in T.J. Houshmanzadeh (say his name 10 times fast), who spent time with Carson back in Cincy, but hasn’t been the same semi-star receiver since 2008.

While Al made a number of controversial decisions over the years, he never would have made moves like this.

Davis hand-picked the former Giants tight end and now Jackson places the young TE in the game and throw out Heyward-Bey as well, the receiver who many saw emerging as a young star in the league.

Really, Hue?

The Raiders are a run team, and Boss and Heyward-Bey are excellent blockers. Play them! Don’t tear up a locker room to prove your point or force a connection of Palmer and Houshmanzdah coach that’s the past you have a great group of talent play them.

Jackson solely needs to wise up and use his experience and smarts and stop bringing his past and emotions to the table.

He’s not ready to become a general manager and he’s showing for the Raiders sake I hope Mark Davis sees it. Because he knows his dad would never let this occur. It takes timeless amount of coaching and experience prior to bringing in your own guys Jackson needs to stop being so cocky. 

Jackson thinking, at this point the way fans interpet it is with five months of head coaching experience and zero years of general manager experience he has the ability to take upon himself to rid himself of the Silver and Black stars, Mr. Davis’s guys and bring in his old buddies from Cinninatti. Sorry coach this is the “Black Hole” not the Citrus dome.

Finally Heyward Bay has shown Raider Nation and the NFL he could become a legit number one receiver, and he on pace to go over 1000 receiving yards in a season for the first time in young career. The Raiders have no time for Coach Jackson to play favorites; it should all about winning and nothing else.  Houshmanzadah, should be the one coming off the bench from time to time for short routes. Jackson, he may be your pal but he isn’t the same receiver he was the last time you coach him, get of your rocker and open up your eyes it’s not too late to still win this AFC west battle.

Jackson needs to begin to build chemistry and confidence between WR Heyward-Bey and TE Boss and his quarterback Carson Palmer. Not force a move in the opposite direction in the middle of the season where apparently this all seems at this moment to be headed.

Heyward-Bey, is apparently upset over Jackson and Palmer favoring other receivers,  but hopefully for the sake of the Raiders this can be resolve and all involve can move on and this team can become  a winning franchise and not go back.

Heyward-Bey is a young man with lots of potential and shouldn’t be cut away from the gameplan by a washed up , over  the hill football player “Houshmanzadah”.

It’s completely sickening to know you rather have a guy who you knew from your past that no one wanted other than a receiver like Hagan the earned his spot on the team, he earned stripe and battle for a spot. Favoritism is understatement you’re simply just being ignorant. “Raider Nation” was with you earlier in the year with Jason Campbell at quarterback it’s about time you get back on the track; take this team to the playoffs. You were doing this, what happen? Don’t forget your chosen place on the team to coach the Raiders to the Super Bowl, don’t let your wheels fall apart while you still have a chance.

Jackson needs to understand this is the NFL and there is no time for games unless the Raiders are winning then you can throw in some trick plays from time to time. Otherwise the coaches’ shameless moves are more detrimental to the team than one may think.