With the NFL lockout coming to end and August just around the corner still not a single transaction of any kind has been completed at least not since March prior to the lockout.

The NFL did have the draft in April came and went as planned but this year it was a bit different than most seven round NFL drafts. There were simply no trades for any current players only from any rosters only picks for picks or future picks. The draft shared the same excitement most NFL drafts do especially towards the fans and prospects, but it was missing some pieces.

However, this format may have actually helped some NFL teams, while making other teams suffer; of course this completely is unknown at this time. With so many free-agents this summer there no telling where teams will go from here.

Many players have practiced this off-season participating in informal workouts led by team leaders or performed football activities on their own to prepare for the coming season. But not one individual player was given proper coaching or hands on team activities giving the rookies and even more of a disadvantage.

Making matters worse rookie free agents are still left unsigned and the supplemental draft was officially placed on hold.

In a statement issued by the NFL is the scheduled July 15, 2011 Supplemental Draft is officially postponed due to the occurrence of NFL lockout and will be rescheduled once the new CBA is officially in place end the lockout is lifted or until further notice.

In the NFL supplemental draft this year there are two highly profile NFL prospects. Each player has the ability make an impact in the NFL at their respectable position.

Do they really have what it takes to become a professional football player inside the NFL?

In today’s game a player must quickly adapt to the speed and techniques of the NFL, to truly be a success. There is absolutely no waiting period or developmental league. If placed on the right team each of these players quarter back Terrelle Pryor and running back Caleb King have the given talents to make the leap from college to the NFL. But the true question is will they make an impact and avoid falling flat in NFL level. Or drop to the bottom ending up as just another dust in the wind, a basic bust.

Pryor the biggest name in the supplemental draft this offseason receiving enormous amount of praise from his agent Drew Rosenhouse recently that stated he should not be considered a mid-round draft pick and be selected in the early rounds concluding on another note  he compared him to the top draft pick chosen by the Carolina Panthers Cam Newton.

In terms of Rosenhouse defense he is most likely just promoting his client for teams to realize what Pryor is capable of doing.  But Pryor critics are not thrilled or acknowledge Rosenhouse statements and say he has many things to learn and develop in the NFL. His off the field issues at Ohio State are in the past and will not likely follow him in the NFL.

Pryor was a complete quarterback on the field in the Big10 at Ohio State, last season he threw for over 2,700 yards and scored 27 touchdowns. 

The way I see it, the team who takes a shot on him in the third or fourth round for their back-up quarter back or quarterback of the future will receive a great future leader and knowledgeable quarterback on the field. He may even turn some heads and be a productive once he learns the speed and tactics of the NFL.

The following is a list of teams that may require about Pryor services in the upcoming NFL supplemental draft and give up future draft pick for him.  The Oakland Raiders need a good back up for quarterback Jason Campbell and a possible future number one quarterback. The Philadelphia Eagles need a backup for Michael Vick if they decide to trade away their prize back-up Kevin Kolb among other teams that might inquire about his services are teams with veteran starters at the quarterback position like Seahawks or Redskins. Don’t expect a team which just selected a top draft quarterback to waste a future pick so that takes about 10 teams out of the equation.

In any means we need to give Pryor a chance to develop and with the right team he may become successful.

Joining Pryor in the supplemental draft is running back Caleb King from Georgia. Here lies a position many teams love to develop or just have to fill-in for due to the many injuries at that position is great.

Teams like Raiders, Texans and Saints have a strong running game are not expected to even bother looking at him in this type of draft. But there is still a good portion of teams that will.

What round will King go in the supplemental draft? Well more than likely in the late mid round at the fourth of fifth round.  He has great speed and ball handling skills. When active in college he had 5.3 yards per carry. His action in college was limited due to jaw bone injury. Expect a team like the Miami Dolphins to go after him to avoid spending money on veteran free agents.  I believe the Dolphins will open the opportunity of adding youth to their backfield. Giving King a great place to grow and succeed in the NFL.

Since the lockout is basically over, soon it will be just another distant memory. The Supplemental draft is just around the corner and soon the rescheduling of the event will occur. This will provide Pryor and King an opportunity to play football like the others drafted in April providing them a chance to prove their talents and become successful in the NFL.

While at the same time each of them needs to devote their time and dedication to want become a talented professional football players. Learning and developing with the right system can only aid them in having a successful career. Otherwise, they will join the rest of the collection of bust in NFL history.

Due to the lack of team activities and workouts it won’t be easy for rookies to make quick adjustments from college to the NFL and I want to wish them all the in 2011.