Looks like Pro-Bowl cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha will not be wearing Silver and Black, for the Oakland Raiders in once the 2011 season begins. Hue Jackson head coach of the Raiders remains a bit hopeful but realistic about the situation.

Jackson hopes to have Asomugha back but he seems to be content he’s not in the Raiders future plans.

Jackson, Showed praise for the great corner he is in an interview on the Rise Guys on KHTK radio in Sacramento, California but then dropped a the bomb all Raiders fans didn’t want to here.  The Pro Bowl cornerback has become a fan favorite in Oakland. Asomugha may not truly have the great stats of talented corner with lots of interceptions but he represents the complete shutdown corner in today’s game in the NFL.

In earlier interview after the draft Hue Jackson indicted:

“I will tell you this I would love to have every free agent player that’s out there for the Raiders back here because we’re leaving a really good nucleus of football players from last season that I think if we can combine them with where we are this year we have a chance to be something special.” NFL.com

If the Raiders decide to move forward without Asomugha in their plan for this coming season. This will make him the top free agent in the 2011 marketplace once the lockout ends. Asomugha will be the hottest commodity when this back and forth battle of the owners and the players’ ends in the courts and transactions begin.