Mark Davis was so sold on who he wanted for the Raiders General Manager position that he hired the first, and only man he interviewed, Green Bay Packers Director of Football Operations, Reggie McKenzie.

The same can't be said about McKenzie's coaching search, which hasn't been a quick search but with teams in the playoffs, league rules make it next to impossible to get the ball rolling until after the season is over.

The "short-list" however, which started with most of the Packers coaching staff, has turned into a who's who search of coaches the likes of Raider Nation has never seen before. The short list grows larger by the day according to numerous reports.

Mike McCoy, Denver Broncos offensive coordinator, has decided not to interview with the Raiders in order to pursue the vacant Miami Dolphins job. Mike Tice, Bears offensive coordinator, has also been rumored to interview with the Raiders this week, as well as Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, who was the head coach of the Detroit Lions in 2001 and 2002 with a 5-27 coaching record.

Two guys on this list are two of my favorites for the posistion. Green Bay defensive coordinator Dom Capers, and Winston Moss, who was Green Bay's assistant head coach. The Raiders offense was never really an issue for the team even with all of the injuries that took place on offense (McFadden, Ford, Moore). The defense was the Raiders downfall this season. The Raiders went from a top 10 defense to next to last in the league last season.

The Raiders lost four of their final five games to close out the season with the defense being one of the key factors of all four of those loses. The defense gave up an average of 36 points in all four of those loses. Allowing the Denver Broncos to win the AFC West even though they lost their final game of the season.

The Raiders will also interview Denver defensive coordinator Dennis Allen today. Allen was the master mind of a defense that helped Denver win the AFC West despite having one of the worst pass offenses in football this season. He would be an excellent choice dude to the fact he knows John Fox's system and being an AFC West guy would know the other teams in the division as well. Denver made the playoffs after starting the season 2-5.

Reggie McKenzie has allot of work to do. The playoffs are still going on so Raider fans might have to patiently wait until the Super Bowl is over to know who the new head coach will be. No matter who it is, McKenzie helped run a Super Bowl Champion in Green Bay. The man knows what he's doing. It will be a work in progress but this is a new era for Raider Nation and for Raiders Football.